Competition Categories

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Preliminary Video Round Registration Period: 1 MAR - 15 JUL 2024
Live Finals: 19 - 21 SEPT 2024

2024 categories list will be updated soon…

Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations will be updated soon…


“Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that’s what we are”

by Mickey Hart


“I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears”
by Adele

Acoustic Guitar

“One day you pick up the guitar and you feel like a great master, and the next day you feel like a fool.
It’s because we’re different every day,
but guitar is always the same…beautiful”
by Tommy Emmanuel

Electric Guitar

I play the guitar because I like it, not because I’m bad it. There’s no perfect music, but there is good music.

Bass Guitar

None of us wanted to be the bass player. In our minds he was the fat guy who always played at the back.

by Paul McCartney


“There is no ego when you play ukulele.”
by Jake Shimabukuro

Contemporary Piano

“When you play, never mind who listening to you.”
by Robert Schumann

Your best teacher is your ear, so listen and listen, you will find the music you love.

Classical Piano

“Just love what you are doing, and try to play more.”
by Lang Lang


"If you take a violin, you can make it sound 50 different ways. Not just pizzicato and played by the bow, but ponticello, and harmonics, and tremolos. If you take an oboe and play it, there`s about one way you can make it sound: like an oboe."
by John Corigliano


“Works of arts make rules;
rules do not make works of arts”
by Claude Debussy

Band requires dedication, planning and communicating. What are the outcomes are, just enjoy music together.

Cutie Pies

The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.
by Cheryl Lavender



Stylistic (15 Points)

  • How stylistic was the performance?

This section assesses the overall delivery to the genre.

Presentation (15 Points)

  • How confident was the performer?

  • Does the performer have showmanship?

  • Did they play within the maximum duration?

This section assesses the confidence and engagement of the performer within the stated duration of performance.

Quality of Performance (30 Points)

  • How fluent?

  • How expressive?

  • How secure?

This section assesses the fluency, emotional exploration and awareness/insight.

Musical Ability/Technique (40 Points)

  • How well was the production of the sound?

    (e.g. clarity, synchronization, pulse, expressive techniques etc.)

This section assesses the quality of execution of the performer's intention.

Selection of Song (30 Points)

**only for Open Category & Band Category

  • Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced

This section assesses the level of difficulty of the selected song.

Cutie Pies

  • Preparedness (5pts)

  • Presentation (5pts)

  • Quality of Performance (5pts)

  • Creativity (5pts)

Prizes for

Preliminary Round

  1. All participants will receive a digital Participation Certificate, 1 Medal, 1 T-shirt, and 1 Marking Report

  2. Preliminary Round High Scorers will receive a printed Award Certificate

    • Outstanding (85% and above)

    • Meritorious (75%-84%)

  3. Top 5 Scorers will proceed to compete for rank in Live Final Round

*Subject to change for RockFest 2024

Prizes for

Final Round

  1. Winners – Trophy and printed Award Certificate

    • Gold Award

    • Silver Award

    • Bronze Award

    • Rock Award

    • Rock Award

  2. Teacher of Winners will receive a printed Certificate of Recognition

*Subject to change for RockFest 2024

Important Dates

Registration & Video Link Submission Period
1 MAR - 15 JUL 2024

Preliminary Round Results Annoucement

Live Final Round
19 - 21 SEPT 2024

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